Colenso all over early results from Cannes

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The Cannes Lions Festival has overnight unveiled the shortlists for four categories – Direct, Press, Promo & Activation, and Mobile. There’s NZ finalists in all four – in a combined list utterly dominated by Colenso BBDO. Entries from Y&R (four), DDB (two), Special Group (three) and FCB (two) also made a respectable showing.

NZ finalists in Direct Lions

Colenso BBDO, BNZ Home Loan, $HRED (x2)
Colenso BBDO, Volskwagen, Reduce Speed Dial (x2)
Colenso BBDO, MARS Pedigree, K9FM
Colenso BBDO, NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cream
Special Group, 2Degrees Mobile, Play The Bridge
Special Group, Smirnoff, Instagram Your Fridge
FCB Auckland, HPA, Not Beersies

  • View the Direct shortlist here

NZ finalists in Press Lions

Colenso BBDO MARS M&Ms, Space (x2)
Colenso BBDO MARS M&Ms, Rations
Colenso BBDO Skinfoods/NZ Breast Cancer Foundation
Colenso BBDO Volkswagen, Speed Dial
Colenso BBDO Volkswagen, Almost Perfect
Y&R Schick What Emma Sees
Y&R Schick What Kate Sees
Y&R Schick What Sarah Sees

  • View the Press shortlist here

NZ finalists in Mobile Lions

Colenso BBDO was shortlisted twice for MARS Pedigree Found app.

  • View the Mobile shortlist here

NZ Finalists in Promo & Activation Lions

DDB BMW, Reverse April Fools’ (x2)
FCB Sony Cyber-Shot30 Octographer
Colenso BBDO Volkswagen, Reduce Speed Dial (x2)
Colenso BBDO NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cream (x2)
Colenso BBDO MARS Pedigree, K9FM (x2)
Y&R NZ, Land Rover NZ Love From Land
Special Group, Smiroff Instagram Your Fridge

  • View the Promo & Activation shortlist here

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