Colenso BBDO entrusted with Mainland legacy: let’s not screw it up!

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Colenso BBDO admits it was a nervous time coming up with a new campaign for Mainland cheese after years of heritage advertising centred around the theme that Mainland isn’t just a place, it’s a philosophy – that good things take time. 

Colenso said from day one Mainland has told stories that reflect company values rather than trying to shove cheese down our throats. The ads of the past have been described as ‘breaks from the ad break’ with the combination of Murray Grindlay’s amazing score, the epic landscapes, and the soothing tones of the story teller.

Creative group head at Colenso BBDO, Mick Stalker says the latest tale, New Tricks, comes from this heritage but has a slightly new angle. “We want people to explore more variety within the Mainland range, so we wanted to introduce the idea that trying new things is a good thing.

He says kiwis love past Mainland commercials and there was huge pressure not to screw it up.

“The executional style remains: a good story well told, leaving us with a little pearl of Mainland wisdom. This script has been on the table for a while, originally written in partnership with Hugh Walsh; a great storyteller and strong link to the history of the brand.

“Originally it was a story about having time on your hands, and we all loved the story. Now with a small twist New Tricks made it perfect for talking about keeping life interesting.”


Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Fonterra Brands New Zealand
Director of marketing: Clare Morgan
Group marketing manager: Mainland Margaret O’Sullivan
Marketing manager – Mainland Natacha Clark
Media Agency: MediaCom
Production Company: FINCH
Director: Alyssa McClelland
Producer: Jimena Murray

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