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AUCKLAND, Today: Tiger Bar Snacks have launched at the centre of East Of What You Know, a neew platform that heroes the very essence of Tiger’s culture by embracing the unfamiliar in refreshingly different ways.

Tiger Bar Snacks are sustainable bites, selected to match perfectly with Tiger Beer. Launched in five flavours, including garlic grasshoppers, roasted scorpions, peri peri crickets, teriyaki mealworms, and roasted tarantula – they’re a new kind of experience-with-purchase. 

Colenso CD Dave Brady said: “We wanted to reconnect Kiwi drinkers with a beer that was born on the streets of South East Asia. That’s why Easternising the Western bar snack felt like a natural response, one that demonstrated our attitude towards the unknown in a way that got people talking – and crunching.”

“Something a little East of what they know.”

“The new platform pays homage to the beer’s Eastern roots through a series of eclectic OOH executions and online video, featuring Eastern tattoo artists, dancers, DJs and rappers, shot by Magdalena Wosinska.

DB Breweries marketing director Sean O’Donnell said: “The campaign not only further emphasises Tiger’s refreshing point of view on the world, but gives our drinkers a new way to truly experience it for themselves.

“Something a little East of what they know.”


Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: DB Breweries
Marketing Director, DB Breweries: Sean O’Donnell
Senior Marketing Manager Heineken & Global Brands: Jeroen Schoorel
Marketing Manager International Brands: Liesbeth Keulemans
Marketing Manager – Global Brands: Kate van der Linden
Photographer: Magdalena Wosinska

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