Colenso crafts new breast cancer ads

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Colenso BBDO has created a new campaign – starring a big lump – for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation’s mammogram service.

It’s called The Unignorable Lump: A lump that follows you around the internet until you get a mammogram.

“Getting a mammogram is one of those things that’s easy to ignore and keep putting off,” says foundation ceo Evangelia Henderson. “The thing is, the more you put it off, the greater the risk that breast cancer won’t be found early, when it’s easily treated.

The lump uses a combination of retargeting banners and pre-roll across multiple platforms to follow a very specific audience of women aged between 40 & 69. And it keeps following them until they click on the banner to book a mammogram.

Using a friendly tone, the lump’s message gradually becomes more insistent and somewhat confronting, to elicit a click from women.

“We’re all familiar with that feeling of being stalked around the internet by a pair of shoes that are trying to get us to click ‘buy’,” said Colenso ECD Steve Cochran. “Well much like that, this idea sees an annoying and slowly growing lump continually popping up to get women to click to book a mammogram. Seemed like a great way to use a now common media strategy – we hope women can’t ignore it.”

Evangelia Henderson said: “The campaign is a clever play on something we’re all familiar with, being chased around the internet, but unlike most of those internet ads, this one is important, and for some people will even be the difference between life and death.”

The targeted digital campaign runs for the entire month of October, which is Breast Cancer Month.


Client: Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand
CEO: Evangelia Henderson
Digital Communications Manager: Kim Barker
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Media Agency: Starcom

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