Colenso enlists NZ global star names for new brand platform

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Colenso BBDO is launching Skinny’s new brand platform Get The Skinny, created in collaboration with PhD and Platform 29, which sets out to prove that Skinny will do anything to keep prices low and customers happy, by recruiting the world’s biggest names.

Ben Affleck, Julia Roberts, Michael Jordan, Clint Eastwood, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anthony Hopkins, and Michael J Fox all appear to profess their love for NZ’s “most beloved mobile and broadband provider”. 

The Colenso release advises readers that: “The spot, however, directed with the comedic timing of Damien Shatford, is missing the slick acting, polished smiles, and virtuosic ball skills one would expect from a lineup that reads more like a who’s who of Hollywood than the cast of a Kiwi commercial. 

“That’s because, true to its low-cost roots, Skinny was smarter with its money, avoiding multimillion dollar endorsement deals by finding real Kiwis with famous names.

“Thus, the faces gracing our TV screens over the next few months will be those of Ben Affleck from Dunedin, Clint Eastwood from Pukekohe, and Sarah Jessica Parker from Warkworth.

“Shooting this campaign was really neat,” says Michael J Fox, “What an experience! My friends and family can’t wait to see it.”

“Add to the mix Rhys Darby – not the comedian, the farmer from Huntly – who extolls the virtues of switching to Skinny in the brand’s new billboard and Adshel campaign.

“Our new brand reflects Skinny’s promise perfectly,” says brand manager Ally Young. “It’s cheeky, clever, and a brilliant way to help us move from a youth brand to one that stands for every New Zealander.”

Colenso creative leads Beth O’Brien and Thom Darlow have loved working with the unusual telco. “Skinny have been true partners in every sense of the word. They 100% live and breathe keeping prices low and customers happy, and have made the work better at every step in the process. We love them!”

“Shooting this campaign was really neat,” says brand advocate Michael J Fox, “What an experience! My friends and family can’t wait to see it.”

Michael Jordan, the programmer from Kelston, went on record to say, “In basketball terms, Skinny is a total Grand Slam!”

The campaign kicked off on Sunday.


Client: Skinny
Brand and Communications Manager: Ally Young
Head of Brand and Communications: Sarah Williams
Creative Agency: Colenso BBDO
Colenso creative leads: Beth O’Brien & Thom Darlow
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Damien Shatford
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
MD: Fiona King
Sound Design: Liquid Studios
Media Agency: SparkPHD
Digital Agency: P29

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