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WELLINGTON, Thursday: Colenso BBDO has helped create a revamp of Loyalty NZ loyalty programme Flybuys, after 24 years and following more than 18 months of consumer research that showed a desire for more flexibility and choice.

Loyalty NZ chief marketing officer Bridget Lamont said: “The brand, which is recognised and loved throughout the country, knew that after nearly a quarter of a century it needed to increase its relevance.

“The opportunity to help reshape such a strong Kiwi brand was fascinating.”

“So it has upped the ante and taken on its challengers by giving Kiwis compelling new reasons to keep scanning their cards.”

Driven by a rigorous process of testing and behavioural modelling, the Flybuys programme has been re-designed to be as meaningful as possible to all ages and demographics.

Colenso BBDO head of account management, Angela Watson, said: “The opportunity to help reshape such a strong Kiwi brand was fascinating, challenging and thrilling.”


Client: Loyalty NZ
Creative Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production Company: Sweetshop
Music Licensing and Sound Design: Franklin Road
Media Agency: Mindshare NZ

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