Colenso and Scoundrel shoot the ultimate lager vs craft showdown

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The world is more divided than ever. The beer category is no exception, where the battle between lager and craft beer drinkers has struck unprecedented heights. 

Fortunately, DB Breweries have an answer. To champion people who are sceptical of traditional lager / craft brews, DB Export have set out to bridge the divide with the launch of DB Export Hop Lager – all the refreshment of lager with the flavour of more hops. “You can now,” says the release from the agency, “have it all.”

The TV spot, created by Colenso BBDO and Tim Bullock of Scoundrel, points out the similarities, rather than our differences. When two gangs enter a bar, the group of blokes kick up a fuss about differences that they don’t have. As the standoff intensifies and a turf war seems imminent, the bartender leaps over the bar and unifies everyone with a bottle of DB Export Hop Lager. Two different palates are fused and peace is restored, picturing how similar we all really are.

“The new product and campaign align directly with DB’s Made by Doing platform, meeting the changing needs of Kiwi drinkers and creating an evolutionary drink that the beer category needs,” says DB senior marketing manager Tony Wheeler.

“Beer drinkers enjoy a massive repertoire of beer, with 55% of people buying both craft and lagers. To complement and unite both worlds, we’ve brewed a lager with slightly more hops, improved for today’s tastes with a little more flavour and character. A lager where the real point of difference is the brew, not just the label.”

Could this be the answer to world peace? Probably not. But at least we have beer.

The launch campaign will also be brought to life across out-of-home, radio and social.


Agency: Colenso BBDO (no other agency credits provided)
Client: DB Breweries
Marketing Director: Sean O’Donnell
Senior Marketing Manager: Tony Wheeler
Marketing Manager: Nicole Scown
Media Agency: PHD Media
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Tim Bullock

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