Colenso, TVNZ, OMD collaborate on Fresh Up

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Colenso has returned Fresh-Up back to its DNA, with a call-out to real mates with a real rivalry to step up and make it epic.

The campaign Beat Your Mate, Smash Your Thirst promises to take two mates and get them to battle out their rivalry in whatever form, in a stadium event broadcast live as an hour-long primetime TV special, with appearance fees, prize-money and the obligatory cold cans of Fresh-Up on the line.

And while it might sound ambitious, slightly risky and maybe even a little stupid, Steve Cochran, ECD at Colenso BBDO, assures us that it is.

“We’re calling for entries in the hope of finding two great unknown personalities that happen to be mates, who have ongoing rivalry doing who-knows-what, who want a bit of fame, are comfortable hyping and promoting themselves, who are willing to perform in front of a crowd, centre stage in a stadium while on nationwide TV, and who can provide us with up to an hour of entertaining live television viewing …

“How could it fail … ?”

Frucor senior brand manager Kylie Biddle said: “Fresh-Up has always had mateship, rivalries and reward at its heart, even before the Mark and Mathew ads and TV programme In the Deep End back in the nineties.

“This campaign attempts to show that heart again, in a contemporary and irreverent way using the possibilities of today’s media mix.”

The campaign is a true collaboration, with Colenso BBDO and OMD working with a number of other parties. They include Fresh-Up’s sponsorship of TVNZ Duke’s Short & Wide series, in conjunction with the show’s production company Reel Factory. TVNZ is also producing content and broadcasting the event live on Duke. And NZME are providing radio partnerships to help further promote the event.

Colenso senior business director Natalie Downes said: “We’re in the final week of recruitment at the moment. We’ve seen some hilariously brilliant entries, and there’s still opportunity for more. We’ll be working closely with TVNZ to select real mates with real ‘star’ qualities as they’ll need to hold the viewer’s engagement for the entire duration of the live TV broadcast. Shouldn’t be too difficult?”

Brave, committed
TVNZ GM of content solutions Lyndsey Francis said: “Fresh Up is proving to be seriously committed to delivering on the brand’s DNA. They bravely supported the launch of Short & Wide on TVNZ OnDemand and now they’re expanding on the competitive mateship theme with an ambitious live and local television event. We’re expecting some great rivalries and characters to come through – it’s going to be fantastic to watch.”

Cochran said: “Not many campaigns have ever culminated in a big live televised event, and although there might be a good reason for that, we’re going to do it anyway, knowing we’re doing something fairly unique.”

Entries are being collected via an app, with the recruitment phase running across TVNZ channels, radio and online closing this Monday (November 14). This will be followed by an announcement of the competitors and promotion of the event scheduled for early 2017, when Fresh-Up’s “most epic something ever” will hit our screens live on TVNZ Duke.


Client: Frucor Beverages Ltd
Marketing Director: Craig Irwin
Marketing Manager: Mel Cummings
Senior Brand Manager: Kylie Biddle
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Media Agency: OMD
Media Partners: TVNZ, NZME
Production Companies: Blacksand, Reel Factory

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