Colenso’s Brodie Reid’s a rising regional star

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Campaign Asia Pacific has named Colenso BBDO group business director Brodie Reid as a Woman to Watch in 2017. “Meet the future champions of change,” says the site’s brand director Atifa Hargrave-Silk, introducing the site’s list of 40 women.

“The pioneering efforts of these women are steadily turning our industry into a more prosperous, open-minded and generally desirable place to work—and not only for women.

“Our Women to Watch list is a celebration of the women dissolving those barriers through sheer force of will,” she said. “These 40 professionals impressed our judging team with business results, client wins, original projects and creative work that out-performed all targets and clearly showed them to be people of indispensable value within their companies.

“Every woman on the list, however, also stood out for going far beyond their contractual brief. These are women whose ability to see the bigger picture and determination to improve the world they live and work in has seen them overhaul ingrained systems, bringing together unwieldy sectors to work together for a common goal, whether that be gender equality, digital transformation or any other subject close to their hearts.

“Brodie Reid has created an inclusive environment at Colenso in which people feel empowered to do better work. Little wonder her career has been on such a dramatic trajectory.”

“Brodie Reid has a hard-won reputation for being able to keep a cool head under the most demanding levels of pressure,” Atifa Hargrave-Silk said “An intuitive manager, Reid has a natural ability to build relationships, conceptualise, sell in and consistently deliver outstanding work.

“Direct yet approachable, she has created an inclusive environment at Colenso BBDO in which people feel empowered to do better work. Little wonder her career has been on such a dramatic trajectory, with major promotions each of the last three years.

“Standouts from the past 12 months include taking a small banner brief from Amnesty International and turning it into a global campaign on cyber censorship, and the mega-award-winning Brewtroleum campaign for DB Breweries.

“Maud Meijboom-van Wel, the latter’s then-marketing director, says Reid was ‘critical to the success of our brand’.

“The way she takes the lead in projects, from strategy all the way to execution, I haven’t experienced before. She manages every stakeholder in a way that they feel part of the team, that there is clarity and that things get done.”

Campaign Asia Pacific is based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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