Colenso’s role in DB/Gull’s Sustainability award

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Colenso BBDO provided the Brewtrolium creative muscle behind DB Breweries joint win with Gull in the Renewables Innovation Award at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards held at Shed earlier in the week.

“Brewtroleum is a great example of how creativity can be used to solve a very real business and marketing challenge,” said Colenso creative chairman Nick Worthington.

“It’s brilliant that both DB and Gull have been recognised for getting behind this idea and making it a reality when they could have easily said ‘just make us an ad’.”

The judges said: “The Brewtroleum initiative is a great use of a waste product, and the combined efforts between DB and Gull and their highly charged marketing campaign managed to generate demand for the product and raise the profiles of the companies bringing renewable energy closer to the mainstream.

“DB Breweries and Gull were innovative in their use of the circular economy, finding creative efficiencies that fire the imagination.”

Andy Routley, managing director of DB Breweries, said: “We are honoured to have won. It’s fantastic to be recognised amongst our peers at the award evening, and to have won especially since the other finalists were all excellent initiatives.”

The Brewtroleum concept was developed by Colenso BBDO under DB Export’s new mantra of Made by Doing and involved extensive collaboration between DB Breweries, Gull, and Colenso and took over six months of research and planning to make it a reality.

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