Commercial radio dominates the market

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AUCKLAND, Today: The NZ commercial radio industry has released the S2 2022 GfK radio audience data into the market, showing nearly 3.7 million New Zealanders were listening to radio every week – and over 3.4 million of those listen to commercial radio stations.

  • 81% (3.68 million) of New Zealanders 10+, listened to radio each week.
  • 75% (3.42 million) of New Zealanders 10+, listened to commercial radio each week.

The results contained plenty for the owners to cheer about.

NZME’s NewstalkZB remained No 1 overall, with Gold FM, Coast, Radio Hauraki, ZM and iHeart Radio all making outstanding contributions to the NZME stable.

MediaWorks’ The Breeze, The Rock, More FM, Mai FM were also outstanding performers, claiming an audience share of 54.4%.

Scroll down for the link to all NZ stations.

“Commercial radio has the largest, most loyal and engaged audiences in New Zealand.”

Radio Broadcasters Association ceo Jana Rangooni said: “Today’s results are a reminder of the fact commercial radio has some of the largest, most loyal and engaged audiences in New Zealand.”

NZME ceo Michael Boggs said: “Kiwis across the country continue to support commercial radio platforms as we offer a huge variety of content to service and meet the needs of many different audiences.

“Whether they listen through traditional platforms or via digital radio, Kiwi audiences remain highly engaged with commercial radio, which is great news for New Zealand’s radio industry now and into the future.”

MediaWorks ceo Cam Wallace said: “Commercial radio continues to play a huge role in the lives of New Zealanders, with millions of Kiwis tuning in every week to be informed and entertained through both traditional and digital platforms.

“Being live and local has been a key strength in ensuring commercial radio remains resilient and that the sector is vibrant and

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