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AUCKLAND, Today: The Comms Council is offering free 12-month membership to any individual made redundant from a member agency.

Comms Council ceo Paul Head said: “Over the last few weeks, many council members have been forced by unfortunate circumstances to make some very difficult decisions about people and resourcing within their organisations.

“The numbers falling out of our industry appear significant, as many agencies have been forced to respond to declines in client spend or get their businesses in shape for the recession.

“In my personal experience, these decisions are the hardest we have to make as leaders. But whilst tough calls have clearly been necessary, I do reflect on the fact that for years we’ve been talking as an industry about the need to retain talent.

“As a result, I’ve been asking myself what the Comms Council can do in this situation.

“Comp members get newsletters, all website material, and member prices to awards/seminars/events/training.”

“The comp membership will include newsletters, ongoing access to website material, invitations at member prices to awards, seminars, events, and training.

“Our objective in doing this is to keep good people engaged in the industry over the medium term while the economy recovers.”

M+AD is also striving to play its part in alleviating the crisis – we’re upgrading our site to include all the specialist recruitment shops (whether they’re advertisers or not), and looking for more in-depth recruitment news stories.

The Pond
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