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AUCKLAND, Today: The Comms Council is inviting industry practitioners to register for the Google Ads Certification Programme – a free, self-learning programme.

The latest Comms Council flyer says: “Our efforts to bring you valuable professional development opportunities at this challenging time, have been boosted by a partnership between the Comms Council and Google New Zealand.

“Skillshop is a one-stop-shop Google training centre for everyone who uses Google professional tools and solutions. This programme helps you grow your knowledge and professional value with flexible, on-demand training for Google Ads and more.

“Simply work through the self-learning modules to grow your proficiency in managing and measuring Search, Display, Measurement, Video, and Shopping campaigns.

“The courses you will cover combine a mix of marketing strategy and product tactics – and are built around real-world case studies and common business scenarios.

“You will develop actionable marketing and product know-how that you can apply right away.

“Once you complete the courses, you can progress to the certification tests. When you pass, you will receive a personal Google certification to put on your LinkedIn, resumes etc.

“Develop actionable marketing and product know-how that you can apply right away.”

“Learn how to create and customise Google Search campaigns to help grow your business by getting your ads in front of more customers looking for what you offer.”

Google Ads Display fundamentals & certification
Master the fundamentals of using Google Display to deliver effective display campaigns that grow awareness, influence consideration or drive action for your business. Earn a Google Ads Display Certification by demonstrating your ability to deliver effective display advertising to meet specific marketing objectives.

Google Ads Video fundamentals & certification
Connect with your audience, reach potential customers along the entire purchase journey and meet your marketing objectives with the YouTube and Google Video ad solutions. Earn a Google Ads Video Certification by demonstrating your ability to get results from YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions.

Google Ads campaign measurement fundamentals & certification
Make better advertising decisions by understanding how digital ads performance is measured and actions data-driven insights to improve your campaigns. Earn a Google Ads -Measurement Certification by demonstrating your ability to measure and optimise Google Ads campaign performance.

Back to the flyer: “Take this opportunity to help grow your skills. By becoming certified in Search, Display, Video and Campaign Measurement your Google-certified status will signal your expertise to the industry, and grow confidence in your ability to get the best out of Google Ads.

“Above all both the Comms Council and Google are here to assist in any way we can.”

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