Concert FM should be sold – not merged

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AUCKLAND, Sunday: An hour-long religious rant, broadcast live from a Ponsonby church and served up plumb in the middle of a programme of stirring music from the world’s great composers?

That’s what fans of RNZ’s Concert FM had to contend with on Easter Sunday.

Publicly funded Concert FM’s remit is “fine music” – classical, contemporary and jazz. It says so right on their website.

“Those pondering the merits of an RNZ-TVNZ merger might note these state-owned networks spending taxpayers’ money on irrelevant, expensive programming.”

These OBs aren’t cheap – and those pondering the merits of a merger between RNZ and TVNZ might take more notice of these state-owned networks spending taxpayers’ money on irrelevant and expensive programming.

The deejays (if we may call them that) are informed and informative, and the station usually sparkles.

It would be quite a prize on the open market.

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