Confidence matters in post-Brexit NZ

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Confidence is going to be crucial post Brexit, because markets don’t like uncertainty, Craigs Investment Partners private wealth research head Mark Lister says.

“The markets don’t like not knowing how things are going to go and all of that will flow through to confidence for businesses, consumers, you name it,” he told NBR.

Lister’s view is echoed by Stuart Thompson, media & marketing specialist at Auckland agency Live Wire Media.

“If the industry isn’t careful the more we talk about a slowdown and doom and gloom, the more chance we have of actually making it happen ourselves,” he told M+AD.

“There will be a lot of new opportunities across the board for everyone on both sides and the fact that the UK will be negotiating how it leaves for another two years despite the decision means that people will continue to go about their lives in the meantime.”

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