Consumer VR arrives in NZ

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The Kiwi team behind NZ’s brand new virtually reality studio Sensorium – the first of its kind in Australasia – ran the first demo of their high-quality 3D immersive VR tech capabilities past agency and film creatives in K Rd last night. Collaborating with Sensorium on the project was Kiwi rock band Shapeshifter.

“VR is a truly new paradigm,” says Jared Forbes, one of the four NZ founders of the firm, which taps into the Sensorium global reality platform. “It is not a screen but a view into a world of endless possibilities.

“The emergence of consumer VR systems has societal and commercial ramifications that are potentially greater than the advent of the smartphone.”

He says reputable estimates suggest the consumer VR market will be worth US$5.2bn by 2018.

“Sensorium is not simply reproducing captured fragments of reality,” Forbes says. “We are pushing the experiential potential of the technology to its limits. We show you the impossible and take you to places that can’t exist – places you will want to visit again and again.

“The Sensorium technical team has created an advanced processing system that ensures maximum viewer comfort, along with a VR player that allows greater interactivity than anything else out there. Our production level is already on par with the best in the business and is constantly evolving with the technology.”

Sensorium NZ is

“The Sensorium team are passionate professionals, experienced in immersive installations, film making, and video game production,” Forbes told M+AD. “We see VR as not just technology, but a new form of storytelling and sharing. The advent of consumer accessible VR can be paralleled to the arrival of television in a world full of radios. This is the future of entertainment, media, and social connections with the world and with each other.”

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