Home Sweet Home: Contact Energy’s green vision for Aotearoa

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AUCKLAND, Today: Contact Energy and their creative buddies at Special are back at it with another gem for their It’s good to be home campaign. This time, they’re showcasing all the cool stuff they’re doing to make New Zealand an even better place to live.

This latest ad spotlights Contact’s $1.2 billion commitment to renewable energy and emission reduction efforts. It’s all about creating a greener, cozier future for every Kiwi—and yes, that includes our furry and leafy friends too!

Sera Flint, the marketing whiz at Contact, shares, “As Kiwis we love our homes and also have a special connection to New Zealand as our shared home. But we don’t live here alone – as seen in this campaign.

“We wanted to share what Contact is doing to ensure it’s good to be home in New Zealand, both now and in the future. We’re committed to and actively working towards making Aotearoa a better place for all, by promising net zero energy generation by 2035.”

“We’re committed to and actively working towards making Aotearoa a better place for all.”

The campaign’s central scene is a quirky Kiwi flat that could give any sitcom a run for its money, featuring the usual roommate dramas—think stolen milk and bathroom hogging. But there’s a twist: the flat represents all of New Zealand, and the roomies range from people to penguins, trees to sea lions!

Jonathan McMahon, Special’s CCO, gets real about the unique dynamics: “That penguin, Nigel, might come across as a little bit uptight, but have you tried living with a milk-stealing ruru and gaming sea lions and sheep? No? Then probably not a deciduous tree that likes to bathe first every morning either then, I imagine. Well, what about those things we call humans? Sometimes they can just be the worst. Luckily, like Nigel, Contact just wants us to live more harmoniously in the future, with regard to the quality of home life for of all of Aotearoa’s flatties. So much so, they even let the soundtrack be performed by (The) Turtles.”

It took a village to bring this animated world to life, and Contact was all in. Their dedication and the teamwork from Finch and Flux, who animated the eclectic cast, really paid off. It’s a project that everyone’s stoked to be part of, bringing a little extra heart—and humor—to our homes.

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