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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Freemans Bay-based full-service agency Contagion and Instant Finance have launched a new brand campaign, bringing to life the ‘i’ and ‘f’ characters. (There are two tvcs – scroll down for the 2nd).

Contagion ECD Todd McCracken said: “Although they have been a part of the brand from the start they will now be taking centre stage.

“In the above-the-line component, the characters feature in the background but close at hand, observing a family live through humorous everyday scenarios that occur where one might need a helping hand financially.

“The characters are a comedic duo that narrate what they are seeing, but ultimately are there to save the day. 

“Production company Truman Films worked remotely from Australia and the UK to deliver this campaign, and are a true success story. They delivered multiple executions, changing and adapting the way we work with the current global pandemic situation.  

“We touched on bringing the ‘i’ and ‘f’ characters to life in the previous relaunch with the animated handshake. Two years later it was a logical step to develop them into fully fleged personalities for the new campaign.”

“We are super proud of Instant Finance. They’ve been helping Kiwis for 50 years and not many NZ-owned financial institutions can say that.”

Instant Finance marketing GM Darrin Franks said: “The challenging environment really emphasised our desire to produce relatable local humour reflective of our broadening customer base in a finance sector that serves and supports over one million New Zealanders.

“It has been a truly fun and collaborative approach and we are delighted with the outcome. I think we all needed something to lighten the 2020 year that was.”

Contagion founder/ceo Dean Taylor said: “We are super proud of Instant Finance. They have been helping New Zealanders for 50 years and not many NZ-owned financial institutions can say that.

“The work comes from the insight that we all want to live a great financial life, but every now and then it surprises us. People need to know the support options available, particularly when most mainstream options many of us take for granted are not.”

With multiple executions across both offline and online channels, Contagion Media have helped develop the communications strategy that supports the introduction of these two helpful characters.

Head of client service/media Vanessa Williams said: “Instant Finance has a long history of helping all New Zealanders in times of need and we want to create awareness of the role they play in making things possible in people’s lives.”

  • 2nd tvc below


Creative: Contagion
Media: Contagion Media
Production: Truman Films and Cirkus

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