Contagion a slam-dunk (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Freemans Bay-based full-service indie Contagion has won a pitch to be named as Sky Sport Breakers agency for the 2019/20 season.

There was no incumbent – the business was previously handled in-house.

Contagion ceo Dean Taylor said: “With basketball in New Zealand projected to be the number one youth sport by 2020, we are thrilled to be able to help the Sky Sport Breakers further connect with their fans and contribute to the overall growth of the sport.

“Contagion has created a new look, feel and positioning for the team, including film, posters and social media executions.”

“It’s an exciting time to be involved, especially with such an iconic team.”

Contagion has created an all-new campaign look, feel and positioning for the team, including film, team posters and various social media executions.

ECD Todd McCracken, who’s worked globally on both Nike and Adidas said: “Sports teams are fantastic to work with because they come packed with energy, skills and superstars. We just need to capture that and use it to feed the flames of fans.”

Account director Craig Harrison said: “We’re really proud of this work. There were a lot of moving parts to navigate so a huge amount of credit needs to go to our hard-working team at Contagion, Suze Fitzgerald at the Breakers for her trust in us and Reagen Butler and the talented production crew we had on hand who went over and above the call of duty. A true team effort.”

The regular season officially tips off for the Breakers on Friday 18 October against the Sydney Kings, with the first home game taking place Sunday 20 October in a return leg against the Kings.


: Dean Taylor
Head of Client Service: Victoria O’Neill
Account Director: Craig Harrison
Co-Executive Creative Directors: Bridget Taylor and Todd McCracken
Creative Operations Director: Mike MacKinven
Lead Designer: Tama Ratapu
Production Company: Proof Agency
Video and Stills Director: Reagen Butler
Director of Photography: Mike Courian
Editor + Motion Graphics Artist: Richard Borg
Sound Design: Grant Brodie at MediaWorks
Media Agency: Contagion Media
Head of Client Service – Media: Vanessa Williams
Digital Media Manager: Andrew McLeod
Channel Planner: Brooke Wheelhouse

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