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With the building industry showing unprecedented growth, it’s a time of enormous opportunity for Federation client James Hardie. “The client brief reflected this market trend: keep James Hardie’s range of design-led fibre cement claddings top of mind for 40-somethings looking to re-clad, renovate or build brand new,” says agency CD Matt Campbell.

“The challenge was making James Hardie the tall poppy in a traditionally dull, masculine category full of confusing terminology and boring building jargon. A quick look through the category advertising showed that a creative step sideways was in order.

“When your home looks good, you feel great. So James Hardie isn’t just providing top-quality cladding, it’s actually genuinely improving lives. We needed to get this insight across in a simple, positive and aspirational slice of life with broad appeal.

Love was the answer and we settled on the story of New Zealanders’ love affair with James Hardie cladding through the lens of one particularly enamoured housewife.

James Hardie marketing manager Paul David said: “We wanted our lead TVC to be the entertaining, intriguing face of the ‘life improvement’ campaign – providing an effective emotional hook to drive potential customers to our web platform, where the decisions are made.

“We feel the team at Federation not only achieved the difficult task of arresting the viewer’s attention, but brought the insight to life in an elegant way too. Simply stunning.”


Client: James Hardie
Marketing team: Paul David, Julie Huguet, Justin Burgess
Agency: Federation
Creative Director: Matt Campbell
Writers: Danny Brown, Chris Appelros
Art Director: Matt Campbell
Account team: Murray Reid, Courtney Seward
Strategy: Sharon Henderson
Agency Producer: Leela Menon
Production company: The Story Board
Director: Brian Challis
Producer: Tanya Haitoua
Cinematographer: Adam Clark
Editor: Francis Glenday, Digital Scissors
Colourist: David McClaren, Colourspace
Online: Paul Dickson, Cause+FX

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