Creative Wellington tempts Aussie tourists

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Te Aro-based content creation agency Wrestler provided the artistry behind The Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency’s new Australian tourism campaign.

“Wellington bustles with creativity and that message is being relayed loud and clear to Australians,” says Wreda’s David Perks.

The Spring campaign launched this week invites Australians to “Discover Wellington, NZ’s Creative Heart” as it leverages Brand New Zealand to highlight the capital’s bustling culinary scene, cultural offerings and creativity.

Wrestler director Loren Taylor, who shot the campaign video, says she was spoiled for choice in her search for Wellington talent.

“Creative energy was everywhere we looked,” she said. “It made it easy to create a video oozing a powerful mix of culture, history, nature and cuisine. It made me want to come to Wellington, and I live here.”

“The energy made me want to come to Wellington – and I live here!”

The media agency for the Wreda campaign is Blue 449 Sydney.

Earlier this year an Infometric report found that Wellington was “by far the most creative city” in New Zealand.

Besides the video, the digital media blitz includes a campaign on travel website Expedia to generate bookings. There is also a campaign with Air New Zealand to promote affordable fares to Wellington and a media partnership with Concrete Playground.

Perks says Australia remains a key focus for Wellington. “In the year to July 2017 Wellington region hosted around 250,000 Australians who pumped about $240 million into the local economy.

“It shows that Wellington continues to be recognised by Australians as an exciting place for a short break. They find a compact city where it’s easy to pack in highly creative events like WOW, enjoy masterful casual dining experiences, imbibe in world class coffee, craft beer and wine, and get active on the green hills and sparkling harbour which fringe the city.

“Coming to Wellington is about having an experience that pulses with Wellington’s creative vibe.”

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