Creatives for Climate partners with DeSmog, Comms Declare and Clean Creatives South Africa

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AMSTERDAM, Today: Creatives for Climate, a global nonprofit network of creative professionals dedicated to climate justice, has announced several new partnerships with climate initiatives Clean Creatives South Africa, Comms Declare and DeSmog to accelerate cross-industry collaboration and action.

The partnerships will be realised through Creatives for Climate’s 20,000-strong network with over 2000 members on its collaboration hub, which is spread across over 40 countries.

Each partner will launch its own channel or community space on the Creatives for Climate Hub, which is the first and largest creative climate action online network to share knowledge, tools, and new ideas to drive climate action.

The free partnerships provided by Creatives for Climate to the networks all aim to support them to reach new audiences and drive impact across and beyond the network.

Initiator Lucy von Sturmer said: “We aim to simplify the process required to create climate action, and we do this by helping people to find tangible ways to collaborate through their work.

“Investigative journalism is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against the climate crisis.”

“We’ve built a unique entry point into the ever-growing climate movement through our global Hub, and it’s exciting to have such pioneering frontline organisations lean on us to scale their impact.”

“A co-hosted channel by investigative media platform DeSmog and the newly launched legal NGO Climate Whistleblowers will support creatives to contribute their experiences to stories that expose greenwashing and to understand how they can contribute to DeSmog’s work whilst receiving practical legal advice from Climate Whistleblowers.”

DeSmog global investigations editor Matthew Green said: “Investigative journalism is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against the climate crisis.

“When we stand up and hold power to account through storytelling, we can create shifts in legislation, public opinion and the corporate world that benefit society.”

About DeSmog
DeSmog was founded in 2006 to clear the PR pollution clouding science and solutions to climate change. Through hard-hitting investigative journalism, in-depth research, and collaborations with other investigative outlets, DeSmog works tirelessly to provide climate accountability and serve as an antidote to science denial and disinformation.

Supported by science and dedicated to equity, its team is helping to clear the way for clean energy solutions, environmental justice, and the preservation of democracy.

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