Curious shoots a mystical romance

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Curious director Florian Habicht, who executive producer Kate Roydhouse describes as “defiantly different”, and art director Teresa Peters are the creative directors and stars of a new campaign by NZ fashion cult brand Miss Crabb; matching the imaginative ideas that are their hallmark to the individuality of the range.  

No ad agencies (nor PR agencies) have been involved in the Miss Crabb production.

Roydhouse said: “Florian is a true master of storytelling and we’re incredibly proud to have him as part of the Curious family. His work is unique, beautiful and intriguing and this Miss Crabb collaboration is no different.”

Habicht and Peters began working together in 2003, on the dark fairytale Woodenhead, which Habicht directed and in which, Peters, starred. The film received two New Zealand Film Award nominations and played in international festivals throughout the world.

It also attracted the attention of Kristine Crabb, who became an ardent fan of the pair’s work.

Crabb invited the pair to create the film Romantica, to launch her Winter 2018 collection, filmically underscoring the collection’s bold jacquards, romantic colours and signature Miss Crabb full-volume silhouettes, with its surreal love story.

Crabb said: “I loved the story of the long-time, iconic lovers, the sense of mystery and sensuality in the cemetery, a place out of time.

Romantica echoes an unknown time and an unknown origin – somewhere near Russia, Persia, where Eastern Europe meets Asia. There is a new energy, full of romance and freedom.

“Strongly present is the romantic period of our ’80s childhoods and I imagine the fantasies the magic of TV brought us in our rural childhoods.”

Peters said: “Like Miss Crabb, we are romantics and dreamers and true independents, and we all share a timeless vision that celebrates the classics while fusing that energy into something new.

“I love creating images for Miss Crabb as I relate so strongly to the aesthetic, patterns and colours. Kristine, Florian and I are born out of the same generation and quote from a similar range of influences.

“Strongly present is the romantic period of our ’80s childhoods and I imagine the dreams and fantasies that the magic of TV brought us in our rural childhoods.”

To create the perfect mood for the film, Habicht used a graveyard location set among ancient trees where he shot his first art school short Woodenhead at Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts.

“We were excited to share such a filmic place,” he said.

Since Woodenhead, Habicht’s films, including the documentaries, Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets, Spookers and the feature Love Story, have been chosen to screen at festivals in Australia, USA and Europe.

And have been feted by the critics. Habicht’s decision to move into directing commercials was greeted with enthusiasm by Curious Film managing partner Matt Noonan. He signed him immediately.

“It had been a long-held ambition of mine to work with Florian and I didn’t hesitate when he approached me to say he was ready and keen to take on commercial projects,” Noonan said.

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Creative Direction + Campaign Stars: Teresa Peters & Florian Habicht
Soundtrack: Torben Tilly
Stylist and Photography: Teresa Peters & Florian Habicht

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