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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: A group of NZ entrepreneurs has established Fox – a new research-technology platform they say “delivers fast, easy and affordable customer research through a range of productised solutions, and all within just a few clicks”.

Co-founder Troy Fuller said: “Every day, thousands of Kiwi businesses operate without a true understanding of their customers, simply because traditional market research is out of reach for them.

“Conventional research offerings have proven to be cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. Fox is here to change all that.

“After many years working with clients of all sizes who just couldn’t afford customer research, we felt like there was a problem that needed solving, so we decided to do something about it.

“We’re excited to launch Fox and make meaningful customer research accessible to all Kiwi businesses. Our goal is to provide answers to all those big burning questions, in a way that suits a much smaller budget.

“Fox will launch with six research products including Brand Sentiment, Purchase Funnel, Triggers & Barriers and Net Promoter Score, as well as a Concept Test product that allows users to validate ideas with real customers.

“An additional product called ‘Ask Them Anything’ gives users the opportunity to ask customers 10 customisable questions to help make more informed business decisions.

Co-founder Tom Roydhouse believes that one of Fox’s real advantages over other more specialised research-technology solutions is its breadth of products.

“Say goodbye to making decisions in the dark and say hello to the future of customer research.”

“With Fox, we have deliberately set out to offer wide versatility through a single platform. This puts a great range of effective tools in the hands of business and brand owners that would otherwise need to choose from more expensive solutions that can only do one thing well.

“We’ll probably never have any more than 12-15 products on the platform, but that should easily cover the majority of what modern businesses need.”

“Fox will be limited to the New Zealand market initially, while it is validated and goes through a rapid development process, but the system has been built to run across multiple markets very easily.”

Co-founder Aaron Taylor said: “We do need to make sure we walk before we run, but we strongly believe that fast, easy and affordable customer research is a solution in demand globally, so scaling internationally is absolutely on the agenda.

The platform has been designed to provide its users maximum flexibility in what they run and how often they run it.

“There is no ‘demo’ required, no confusing survey building interface and users don’t need to lock themselves into expensive subscriptions, just to see the data only change very marginally month-to-month.”

Fuller” “It really is as simple as buying a t-shirt. You can jump online at 10pm and order a Brand Sentiment survey. You can then run it again in 12 months’ time and see how things have changed based on the decisions you’ve made in that time. Fox really does put total control in the hands of the user.

“So, if you want to know who your customers are, what they’re thinking, and what drives them to buy, Fox is your quick-smart choice. Say goodbye to making decisions in the dark and say hello to the future of customer research.

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