‘Cynical’ adman splits

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AUCKLAND, Sunday: Former Badger ceo Matthew Masters resigned his M+AD sub at the weekend, to celebrate his exit from the world of “client politics and agency bullshit (as entertaining as those have been for me over the last 26 years).”

“The lack of industry news over the summer break made me realise that my successful rehabilitation was only being impeded by constant reminders of the world I have left. So I did quite a lot of unsubscribing, unfollowing and uncoupling (conscious or otherwise) last week.

“Thanks for Fastline and M+AD-Daily, they were always entertaining.”

“Thanks for Fastline and M+AD, they were always entertaining and informative”

An offer we can’t refuse
“My linkedin page now says ‘former adman’.

“But that said, beneath my cynical carapace of indifference about the industry, I’m still a writer at heart, so if you ever want a cynical and indifferent comment or article for M+AD-Daily, hit me up!”

Look out for Masters’ “jaded and unsentimental” contributions in future editions (we’re leaning on him to resubscribe!)

Badger’s new ceo
Sam Irvine is the new ceo at Badger.

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