Goats turn 10 and a bit

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AUCKLAND, Today: Karangahape Road turned orange last Thursday night as local independent ad and design agency The Goat Farm celebrated its tenth-and-a-bit birthday.

“The bash was originally scheduled for February, but the bastard virus derailed that plan,” said TGF founder and creative director Vaughn Davis.

Around 100 clients, staff and partners past and present joined TGF in its neighbouring studio / event space The Ever Room for a celebration of more than a decade’s work on clients including Vector, Graham Norton’s Wines & Spirits (Invivo), HRV and Kiwi Wealth.

“Not surprisingly, the crowd was well-watered, thanks to the generosity of Invivo and Hallertau.”

Not surprisingly, the crowd was well-watered thanks to the generosity of Invivo and Hallertau.

Davis says the event was as much a housewarming as a birthday party. “We moved to our new Karangahape Road space after outgrowing the old one last year.

“Covid put the kybosh on an opening party, so it made sense to combine the two. Has anyone seen my glass?”

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