Introducing Paulie, the Data Piñata from TBWA\New Zealand & 2degrees 

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AUCKLAND, Friday: TBWA\NZ is helping 2degrees celebrate Christtmas with a new campaign – a virtual piñata game, with a prize of 200,000 days’ worth of free data.”

Chief creative officer Shane Bradnick said: “It isn’t a party until you get to smash the piñata, and 2degrees is swinging its way towards Christmas with its giant, and completely bonkers AR data piñata.

“New Zealanders get to find it, whack it, and win up to 200,000 days’ worth of free data.”

To play people visit, which uses AR technology to turn their mobile into a virtual piñata game. With a range of ‘whackers’ to choose from (a Nuke-Lele, Pan-Demonium or the Mallet of Malice) they can whack Paulie the 2degrees data piñata to win free data. 

“The silly season is upon us, and there’s nothing sillier than a piñata full of data.”

Netherlands 3D character specialist Eva Cremers, who has created work for global brands including Nike, Mini and Amazon, partnered with TBWA\NZ head of post production Blair Walker to bring Paulie, the giant pink data piñata, to life.

2degrees marketing GM Dave Pearce said: “The silly season is upon us, and there’s nothing sillier than a piñata full of data. The 2degrees Data Piñata is the perfect antidote to the traditional Christmas retail promotion, and a great way to relieve some stress after a long year.”

“We wanted a bit of fun for our summer promotion and we love the way TBWA took a retail, data-led mobile brief and turned it into such a fun activation.”

“You can play Data Piñata as a guest, but the real rewards come when you become a 2degrees customer – and after a week in market, it’s already smashed our visitor numbers.”

Paulie the Data Piñata will appear on TV, radio, digital, social, in store, and in-mall.


Client: 2degrees
Agency: TBWA\New Zealand
Production & Animation: TBWA\Bolt
Character Design: Eva Cremers
AR Experience: Unbound
Media Agency: OMD

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