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AUCKLAND, Today: Altis Consulting holds its Data4Good Conference on Princes Wharf next week, with unethical data use – and what to do about it – high on the agenda.

Altis ceo John Hoffman said: “Trust in data and analytics is currently at an all-time low as the widespread lack of transparency and misuse of data by large tech firms worldwide has heightened anxiety surrounding the use of data science techniques and artificial intelligence.

“The revelations of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook having harvested the personal data of millions without consent has led many to question data as a force for good.

“The Data4Good conference will share how organisations can draw valuable insights and make sense of their data.”

“Big data and the ongoing sophistication of data and analytic tools increases the opportunities for organisations to inappropriately use them. When data is misused, it not only creates ethical issues with consumers, but often has wider consequences on our environment and society.

“However, there are local and international people and organisations – that are using data and analytics to make a positive impact on society.”

Some of these include:

  • Take My Hands – data platforms to help more people, as well as the importance of using data alongside human stories to create a real impact.
  • ProCare looks at risks behind the healthcare industry failing to share data, alongside using data and machine learning to improve GP referrals and stop unnecessary specialist visits.
  • St John Ambulance as built an effective Business Intelligence platform which has resulted in positive impacts on community health.
  • Auckland University of Technology uses technology to assist students in their university journey while identifying potential risk points.
  • Melissa Baer looks at how to translate captured data into something meaningful for the end user.
  • Dr Reza Jarral looks at the latest trends in technology for healthcare, including voice based automated diagnosis.
  • Tania Brown used Twitter to save lives and expedite solutions in a crisis situation.
  • Hiria Te Rangi, Kaiwhakahaere, Whare Hauora, is an expert in the importance of using an IOT device to monitor housing for health risks.

“To combat unethical data use, all of these case studies will be featured at the conference,” Hoffman said.

“While organisations are already capturing large amounts of data, for this data to be of value it must be turned into knowledge. The Data4Good conference will share how organisations can draw valuable insights and make sense of their data.”

Industry leaders from across health, NFP, and agriculture and much more will share strategies and best practices of data use.

When: Thursday, 14 November, 9am-5pm
Where: The Maritime Museum Princes Wharf
Tickets: 287.50 (corporate), NFP $172.50, student $57.50
Buy here:

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