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It is with much sorrow that M+AD notes the passing of rock’n’roll pathfinder David Bowie (in London, of cancer, aged just 69). Throughout his career, Bowie made a number of TV ads – including work for Pepsi, Nestle and Louis Vuitton (that’s his 2013 Louis Vuitton ad, above).

US site Flavorwire said of this ad: “A rather curious choice of song for this lavish Louis Vuitton commercial, given that I’d Rather Be High is Bowie’s most nakedly polemic anti-war song since Running Gun Blues some 40 years ago. And yet here it is, being used to flog luxury handbags at a sort of baroque latter-day masquerade ball in Venice. What does it all mean?

“It’s a strange piece of work, but then, Bowie hasn’t been shy about licensing his music to and/or appearing in advertisements over the years, bless him. Looking back through the history of ads in which he’s appeared reveals a rather curious catalogue of products.”

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