David Jones keeps its ads to itself

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All marketing and advertising – including creative and media placement – for the new David Jones NZ flagship store in Wellington will be handled by in-house teams at the company’s head office in Sydney. There is, however, a PR shop on the ground in NZ.

This would be Showroom22 – an Auckland-based agency that specialises in fashion & lifestyle PR and events in New Zealand.

M+AD spoke briefly to Showroom22’s Murray Bevin who, at the time, was buried amidst the organised chaos of the Wellington public opening yesterday – his first full day on the job. Bevin told us Showroom22 would be fully involved, and undertook to keep us informed.

David Jones is owned by South African company Woolworth Holdings which also owns the Country Road and Witchery brands in NZ.

Wellington is the first overseas expansion for David Jones and MD David Thomas is promising a world-class store for the capital.

“It has cost a lot more than we wanted but it’s a great space and will be one of the most beautiful stores in the world,” he said.

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