David MacGregor RIP

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AUCKLAND, Today: It has come to our notice (courtesy of copywriter Chris Howden) that Idealog magazine founder David MacGregor has died recently. He was also a founder of MacGregor Media and BrandWorld.

“I was always in awe of David’s writing ability,” writes Howden. “In the late ’80s he was certainly one of the best in the country.”

His son, Taylor, posted this comment: “As many of you have heard, I am sorry to say that Dad passed away last Thursday after his dodgy ticker finally got the better of him.

“We are currently scheming away on a second big send off for Dad in December. Watch this space!”

“Our family is very appreciative of all the messages we have received and the many kind words that have popped up all over the internet in the last few days. It’s very nice to hear the connection Dad had made with so many of you and we look forward to hearing more stories of his adventures over the years.

The funeral service was held last month, but due to Covid restrictions was limited to 25 confirmed guests.

“We are currently scheming away on a second big send off for Dad in December where we can invite a much bigger group of friends when restrictions are eased. Will hopefully have an update for you next week.”

Watch this space.

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