Growing Up in NZ & Vans collaborate on a data report you can wear, via Daylight

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Morningside agency daylight has created a campaign for Vans – Introducing The 6,000s – “the ultimate weekend shoe designed using data from Growing Up in New Zealand, a large-scale  longitudinal study of child development, established by the University of Auckland in 2009.

Research director Associate Professor Sarah-Jane Paine said: “Tracking over 6,000 participants since before birth, the findings of this groundbreaking study are helping shape Aotearoa every day – from policy developments including immunisation and paid parental leave, through to early childhood education and the minerals that go into our food.

“We’re immensely proud of our study and all it’s achieved.

“However, as the rangatahi in Growing Up in New Zealand enter their teenage years we recognise that this is a time where they are leading very busy lives and we have to work extra-hard to keep them engaged and feeling valued.

“This project is designed to do just that” says research director, Associate Professor Sarah-Jane Paine.

“When you’re 13, policy reform is far from your mind, so channelling that same data into a pair of sneakers became a great storytelling device.”

“Incubated in the Vans Custom Lab, every detail of The 6,000s is informed by data taken directly from the young people in the study. Modelling findings from their lifestyles, world views, favourite hobbies and aesthetics. Even the base silhouette of the collaboration was determined by their data – the iconic Vans Sk8 Hi.

“The kicks were delivered in a box that’s designed to unbox itself. The experience includes an AI generated voice that ran participants through all the features that their collective information created – and celebrated the important contribution the rest of their data is making to Aotearoa.

Daylight CD  Charlie Godinet said: “This collab is about showing these rangatahi just how powerful their data really is.

“When you’re 13, policy reform is probably the furthest thing from your mind, so channelling that same data into a pair of sneakers became a great storytelling device.”

Prof Paine: “Since the launch of The 6,000s, Growing up in New Zealand has already seen an increase in cohort engagement, with over 190 families re-engaging with the study.

“This project is the first in a series of initiatives designed to futureproof participant involvement, with more dropping later this year.”


Client: University of Auckland
Agency: Daylight
Collaborators: Accent Group
Production: Vans Custom Lab & Dougs & Alex the Cobbler

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