Speight’s and DDB toast mateship in new campaign

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AUCKLAND, Sunday: DDB Aotearoa has released the latest iteration of the Good on Ya Mate platform, The Speech – a “touching” campaign that celebrates modern mateship and the challenges that come with putting our feelings into words.

DDB CD Rory McKechnie said: “The Speech portrays the heartwarming – yet awkward – moment a young guy gets on stage to deliver a speech and can’t quite get the words out.

“Fortunately, his mate, who is watching on from the crowd, puts his dignity on the line and bravely begins a rendition of Donna Lewis’ classic hit song. Encouraged by the support of his mate, he’s finally able to get those words out, ‘I Love You (Always Forever)’.

“The campaign follows the award-winning success of the The Dance, which first updated the old-school view of friendship for the modern era with a new, more emotionally evolved, expression of masculinity.

“The Speight’s brand, led by Summit Ultra, has been on the rise ever since the launch of this campaign in 2018, culminating in it recently taking the number one spot after years of sustained growth.

“Crafted with the help of renowned Kiwi director Steve Ayson, The Dance encapsulated the values of friendship and generosity that Speight’s stands for.

The Speech builds on that sentiment and, with Ayson on board again to provide his expertise and understanding of Kiwi culture, DDB Aotearoa hopes to again showcase what it means to be a true friend in the eyes of the younger generation.

“Crafted with the help of renowned Kiwi director Steve Ayson, The Dance encapsulated the values of friendship and generosity that Speight’s stands for.”

“We know that backing your mates isn’t always easy or like a Hollywood film. True mateship is real and it’s awkward, but you do it anyway. This campaign is specifically geared towards younger Kiwis who embrace vulnerability and are willing to tell their friends how they feel.

“Speight’s growth in recent years just proves that the message of mates being better mates is something that rings true with Kiwis.”

Lion NZ MD Craig Baldie said: “Good on Ya Mate has provided an effective platform for the brand to connect with Kiwis, heroing meaningful mateship in a category dominated by overly masculine marketing.

“The Good on Ya Mate platform has been incredibly successful in connecting with our audience and as a result, Speight’s has experienced significant growth, double digit sales and is now the top beer brand in the country. Our consistent message around mateship is what sets Speight’s apart as it’s arguably the only beer brand in New Zealand that’s playing in that meaningful space.

“This latest campaign reinforces this message and the values of camaraderie that Speight’s stands for.

“Kiwi guys pride themselves on being a good friend, but the pressure and pace of modern life is changing in terms of what mateship looks like. The importance of looking out for each other, the occasional sacrifice, opening up and being vulnerable are no longer seen as a weakness but a strength and a necessity.”

The integrated campaign is rolling out via  60sec & 90sec tvcs, out of home, social and PR,


Agency: DDB Group Aotearoa
Production Company: 3 & 7
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Jimena Murray
DOP: Marty Williams
Offline Editor: Lucas Baynes, ARC
Colourist: Matic Prusnik
Online: Blockhead
Sound Mix: Cam Ballantyne
Music Licensing: Jonathan Mihaljevich, Franklin Road

Media Agency: MediaCom New Zealand

Client: Speight’s

Managing Director at Lion NZ: Craig Baldie
Marketing Director Australia: Rachel Ellerm
Brand Director – Beer: Jeremy Meech
Speight’s Marketing Manager: Kris Hansen
Speights Assistant Brand Manager: Mikayla Corbett
Connections Director: Adam Daysh
Connections Lead: Ella Fairley
Connections Planner: Rachel Wilson
Creative Operations Manager: Cherie Mason

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