DDB ANZ dumps RAPP, launches TRACK

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In a global realignment of its CRM business, DDB Group has announced the launch of TRACK, a new name which will replace the RAPP brand in all Australia and New Zealand.

First introduced in Europe in 2015, TRACK is a wholly owned subsidiary of DDB Group Worldwide. Previously the group has enjoyed a 15 year highly successful relationship with DAS-owned RAPP (part of Omnicom Worldwide).

“The timing is right for us to invest in our own CRM network as there is an increased focus on the integration of CRM capabilities across clients and platforms,” said Sydney-based DDB Australia & New Zealand chairman Marty O’Halloran.

“RAPP Germany announced the move to TRACK last year and has since been joined by offices in North America, Europe and Asia,” he said. We are delighted to be launching the brand across Australia and New Zealand now.

“We have enjoyed a highly successful relationship with RAPP for many years but we are at a scale and time in the business’ life cycle that we need the freedom to invest further in CRM capabilities and control our offering more in local markets. We have significant plans to re-launch and grow the business across Australia and New Zealand as well as integrate these into the broader strategic framework of Group clients.”

Incumbent RAPP managing directors in Auckland and Melbourne, Rob Limb & Tess Doughty, will remain in their roles while recently appointed Christine Gardner will run TRACK Sydney. All existing RAPP staff will transfer to TRACK.

Rob Limb said: “We are super excited to become TRACK. While we have enjoyed a very successful period as RAPP for over 10 years, it is perfect timing to be part of this new network. TRACK sets us up to invest in the capabilities and partnerships we need to help our clients navigate unprecedented change and transform the way they connect with their customers.”

DDB Worldwide ceo Chuck Brymer said: “The innovative and unique range of services the agency offers deserves its own individual brand, which can also expand in the future.

“In a digitalised world, the perception of brands is always stronger following individual consumer interaction with the brands themselves. Our combined expertise in brand management and customer experience management, along with our digital touchpoint knowhow, makes us an attractive partner and one-stop shop when a company wants to transform into a genuinely customer-centric business.”

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