DDB celebrates two Grand Prix

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M+AD got one detail wrong in yesterday’s report about the Spikes Asia – but it was a big one: DDB actually won two Grand Prix (not one as we reported).

DDB’s pair came for Steinlager Fight for Territory, in the Outdoor and Brand Experience categories. M+AD’s original story has since been updated.

Our error came from a difficult editing process involving downloads of 20-odd categories, and then sifting through the results to find the NZ results – a time-consuming process with many potential pitfalls.

DDB New Zealand ceo Justin Mowday put things in perspective: “We’re incredibly proud of the result DDB New Zealand has achieved at Spikes this year,” he said.

“To be ranked the No 1 agency in New Zealand and No 2 across Asia Pacific region is huge.

“It’s been a big year for us and I just want to acknowledge the incredibly talented and hardworking team we have behind these winning campaigns, and the fantastic clients who’ve taken the plunge with us to create powerful work that drives growth for their business.”

DDB NZ’s scorecard:

  • No 1 agency in New Zealand
  • No 2 agency in Asia Pacific 
  • 2 Grand Prix
  • 5 Gold
  • 11 Silver
  • 4 Bronze
  • M+AD’s story from yesterday here (now updated)

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