DDB and New World team up to make Christmas ‘extra unique’

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AUCKLAND, Today: New World has partnered with DDB Group Aotearoa to release New World Christmas 2023, which aims to showcase “the unique food traditions that make each family’s Christmas all the more distinctive”.

New World (Retail) marketing manager Sarah Austin said: “The campaign focuses on the unusual traditions people pick up over the years that make Christmas what it is to them and their loved ones – whether that be mince and cheese pies rather than fruit mince, reindeer-shaped pancakes for breakfast, or incorporating bacon into every dish on the table.

“We all know the human truth that Christmas isn’t Christmas without that one favourite dish, and New World has everything needed to make that a reality for Kiwis. 

“Some foods simply taste like Christmas; if you took away that stand-out dish that ‘Aunty Jane’ always makes, your family’s festivities just wouldn’t be the same.”

“Consumers will see more of the 2023 campaign across cinema, TV, online video on demand, outdoor, digital/web, and social media.”


The campaign also marks the first in New World’s partnership with DDB Group Aotearoa where the agency has produced a completely integrated shoot, which included social footage shot on the same day as the campaign, alongside ambassador content.

DDB CD Courtney Dow said: “We wanted to create an authentic and heartfelt campaign that showcased the food traditions that families have carried through different generations.

“It shows the version of Christmas that we are all familiar with, while also integrating those unique traditions personal to us that we come to know and love.”

Consumers can expect to see more of the New World Christmas 2023 campaign across cinema, TV, online video on demand, outdoor, digital/web, and social media.


Client: Foodstuffs
Foodstuffs Group General Manager – Marketing & CX: Dominic Quin
New World Head of Marketing & CX: Giselle Bleakley
Marketing Manager New World (Retail & Shopper Media): Sarah Austin
Project Marketing Specialist New World: Katie Mooyman
Agency: DDB Group Aotearoa
Production Company: Collider
Director: Dylan Duclos
Managing Director & Executive Producer: Rachael Ford-Davies
Executive Producer: Sarah Cook
DOP: Marty Williams
Offline Editor: Ben Chesters
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Online Editor: Leon Woods
Audio: Liquid Studios
Sound Engineer: Andy Morton
Music Track Rearrangement: Peter van der Fluit
Song: Doin’ My Thing by Desert Belle
Media Agency: PHD New Zealand

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