DDB declined to pitch for sometime client

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DDB has contacted M+AD asking us to update yesterday’s report that DDB was the incumbent on Carpet Court (www.mad-daily.com/99-wins-flooring-giant-from-ddb).

“We were never the incumbent agency for Flooring Brands,” says DDB/Mango’s Eleisha Balmer. “DDB have done a few one-off projects for them in the past, but never an ongoing engagement, and we declined the invitation to pitch for their business.”

Earlier, M+AD spoke to a person (we have chosen not to name her) in Flooring Brands’ marketing department, who thought long and hard before answering the one question we wanted to put to her – who was the incumbent?

“DDB,” she said.

At least this was a real answer. But unfortunately, she did not take the trouble to paint the broader picture, which would have saved DDB the embarrassment of having to defend itself. And yes, M+AD could have and should have questioned her more closely.

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