DDB gets ecostore’s advertising business

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DDB New Zealand has welcomed environmentally-friendly Kiwi manufacturer ecostore to its stable. The incumbent agency was Special Group. DDB New Zealand CEO Justin Mowday says there was no formal pitch for the business and his DDB team is thrilled to be working with ecostore, and eager to roll out some great work.

“We’re so pleased to welcome ecostore onboard as part of the DDB portfolio. They’re a great Kiwi company, producing an exceptional range of products, that are good for people and the planet—and they’re taking these products to the world.

“Not only is the product fantastic, but the brand is very well recognised and regarded in market and we can’t wait to take it to the next level,” he said. “What more could you ask for?”

ecostore has experienced strong growth in recent years, with expansion into Australia and much of Asia, as demand for their ethically produced and skin-friendly products has steadily increased.

Cameron Bower, General Manager Sales and Marketing for ecostore, says he is excited to see the work DDB produces in the coming months.

“Obviously we love to work with creative people who are passionate about the work they produce, and we saw that at DDB,” he says. “But, most importantly for us, the team at DDB showed a real understanding of our products, our business, and the people we want to talk to. They could see what we’re trying to achieve and have a plan to help get us there.”

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