DDB launches smartphone app to make life easier for Westpac customers

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DDB has rolled out a multi-layered Spendonyms campaign to help Westpac customers do more with their money via an innovative smartphone app called CashNav which tracks spending and bill payments, grouping spending into easily digestible categories.

CashNav was unveiled in a soft launch on Monday 5 September – and it is already the No 2 free app on the NZ App Store, and NZ Google Play Store for Android.

The bank says CashNav is the first integrated app in New Zealand to track finances and deliver spending insights.

The Spendonyms campaign is intended to show Kiwis that the money they spend on non-essentials could be your ticket to Fiji (Coff-fiji), that car you’ve been eyeing up (Burg-car), or tickets to the big game (Chug-by).

DDB ECD Shane Bradnick, says the campaign takes a fun, urban dictionary approach to the relationship between small daily expenses and our slightly bigger savings goals.

“The idea borrows from the tradition of word blends,” he says. “Everyone knows what it’s like to feel ‘hangry’ — hungry and angry. Catchy Spendonyms like ‘Coff-fiji’ help you realise you’re not just drinking a flat white, you’re drinking part of your Fiji fund.”

Westpac head of brand and marketing Oliver Lynch said: “We’re really excited about the CashNav app and how it’s already being received and used by our customers, and the Spendonyms campaign was a masterstroke in explaining the value of the app to people in terms they can easily identify with. It’s not preaching at you and telling you to scrimp and save, it’s saying ‘hey, you can buy those shoes you want, with the money you have — here’s how.’”

The campaign is supported by online video content, online banners, outdoor, social and activations. There will also be ambient advertising on chopsticks and takeaway cups in selected sushi and coffee shops.

The production company was Assembly.

  • Watch the creative online video executions below

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