DDB’s Correct The Internet makes waves in UK Parliament

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: DDB Group Aotearoa’ reports that its Correct The Internet campaign has made waves in the UK Parliament after being presented to the Women & Equalities Committee. 

DDB Group Aotearoa CCO Gary Steele said: “When the campaign was raised as a topic, head of coach education & qualifications at LTA, Jo Ward, said, “Not only are female athletes portrayed in a manner that’s probably not athletic at times, there’s just general misinformation on the [internet]’.

Correct the Internet is a scheme that we’re supporting; if you were to Google who has won the most Grand Slam titles, the answer to that would be Novak Djokovic.

“There’s this general male bias in terms of search engines.”

“But actually the answer is not Novak Djokovic – he’s won 23. So, that doesn’t take into consideration Serena Williams, who has also won 23, or Margaret Court who has won 24.

“There are so many instances like that where the amazing achievements of female athletes just aren’t even on the record for everybody to see. There’s this general male bias in terms of search engines.

“I am now an avid participator in Correct The Internet if I see things like that; there’s a tool where you can actually go in and change the narrative.”

DDB Group Aotearoa, together with Finch, are behind the campaign designed to make sportswomen more visible by highlighting and correcting the inconsistency of searchable facts that disadvantage sportswomen.”


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