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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: DDB Aotearoa, with Maori-owned creative agency Run, has created If You Seek – Tourism New Zealand’s first global campaign in two years. It’s been launched in Australia and the US (a cutdown version is also currently screening in NZ).

Tourism NZ ceo René de Monchy said: If You Seek explores perspectives unfamiliar to the travel category; enticing audiences to explore Aotearoa New Zealand via unexpected and alluring glimpses of the destination’s unique people and place.

“There is intense competition as destinations compete to capture the imaginations of travellers. Because of our size and location, New Zealand will have to work hard to encourage visitation post-covid with international visitor numbers taking years to build up and Kiwis now having the option of travelling overseas.”

“A suite of 18 short films teases the diversity of the destination’s distinct local culture, generosity and famed natural beauty – suggesting the true magic of Aotearoa New Zealand is reserved for the inquisitive traveller, in quest of authenticity and discovery.

“This campaign is intended to reward audiences who go a little further and explore a little deeper.”

“Tourism New Zealand uses a range of insights to design compelling campaign work to reach high-quality visitors – travellers who want to engage with our culture, and society and also interact with our environment in a respectful way.”

DDB Aotearoa CCO Gary Steele said: “The campaign is an invitation to the curious intended to reward audiences who go a little further and explore a little deeper.”

Run CCO Raymond Otene McKay said: “Working on this campaign since last year has allowed Run to walk in two worlds, applying our unique mix of advertising creativity with a te ao Māori lens.

“With a big strategic idea that imbued the concept of manaakitanga, we knew our take on it had to be authentic in its delivery creatively. At the same time, we had to balance how Māori culture showed up in this campaign – all guided by tikanga Māori.”

“A localised execution will encourage New Zealanders to explore further, signalling there’s more to find in their backyard if they seek to uncover it.”


Client: Tourism New Zealand
Lead Agency: DDB Group Aotearoa
Agency: RUN
Agency: TBWA Sydney
Agency: The Hatchery
Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Tom Gould
Editors: Tim Mauger/Mariano Segedin/Fauze Hassen
Colour: Images and Sound
Online:  The Machine Room
Sound & Music: Franklin Road
Photography: Miles Holden
International Media: Mindshare Global
Domestic Media: Stanley St
Consultancy: Eat Big Fish

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