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DDB is rolling out the next phase of its 2degrees Mobile 2degrees is rolling out the next phase of its new brand work – this time introducing a campaign around its business offering, as well as three new ads to its suite of creative.

When launching the Second Nature campaign in March 2018, chief marketing officer Roy Ong said the new brand reflected how 2degrees is on its next rapid growth phase, particularly in business.

“The new campaign is driven by the insight that communication is second nature, and your telco shouldn’t get in the way of what comes naturally,” he said. “Our job as a communications company is to keep communication flowing, effortlessly.

“More than 76,000 business users are benefitting from getting a reliable and seamless service from 2degrees. With the strength of our own national mobile and broadband networks, we’ve invested so that Kiwi business owners can reap the rewards. 

“The campaign ponders the gestures and expressions we use that are second nature to us.” 

“Communication is second nature and shouldn’t get in the way of how you run your business. 2degrees offers solutions for start-ups and small businesses, right through to the enterprise end of the market, where we’re known for our agility.

“Throughout this, our focus is always on keeping the tech easy to use and the customer service local,” said Roy.

The campaign ponders the gestures and expressions we use that are second nature to us. For launch, ‘clapping’ was one of the lead pieces of work, and to talk business, it’s the gesture of a hand shake that is the subject of attention.

To continue the story, 2degrees will be releasing three new pieces of work to the reel in the coming months: 

  • 2degrees Broadband – Bringing the world to your place
  • 2degrees Mobile – what tattoos meant in the 70s
  • Surprise – 10GB of Carryover Data for just $55/month 

The campaign and brand evolution continues to be developed with agency partner DDB New Zealand and Ikon.

  • At press time, agency and film company credits were not available

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