DDB shoots four for Lotto

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The latest campaign from Lotto by DDB aims to show that with a quick scratch and a bit of luck you can win instantly with Instant Kiwi.

“A simple scratch may not really turn your workload into kittens or your bald spot in to a Fabio-esque hairdo, but it’s a fun way to show you could win a shed load of cash and change your life in an instant,” says DDB ECD Shane Bradnick.

“This campaign is designed to remind Kiwis they can instantly transform their day with a little scratch and showcase some of the latest tickets available – at any one time there are 16 different tickets on sale.

“And to think, we’ve always been told no good comes from scratching things.”

Lotto head of brand & communications Kelly Millier said: “These spots are a fun way to show the fact that playing Instant Kiwi can add a little thrill to your day. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a thrill in their lives?”

The first 15sec spot in the series, Party, has launched on TV with the remaining three – Bald, Kittens and Alarm – launching later in the year.



Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Senior Art Director: James Conner
Senior Copywriter: Christie Cooper
Group Business Director: Nikki McKelvie
Senior Account Manager: Katya Urlwin
Head of Planning: Lucinda Sherborne
Planning Director: David McCallen
Agency Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Agency Producer: Rosie Grayson
Media Agency: Spark PHD
Creatives: Kat Tadaki, Simon Neumegen, Kiran Strickland, Jian Xin Tay


Lotto NZ

Head of Brand and Communications: Kelly Millier
Senior Brand and Communications Manager: Keri Merrilees
Brand and Communications Manager: Genna Duff



Prod Co: Finch
Director: Alex Roberts
Producer: Rebekah Kelly
DOP: Aaron Morton
Music: Liquid Studios
Composer: Pete Van Der Fluit
Sound Mix: Craig Matuschka

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