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DDB has launched a new Lifeline fundraising campaign, The 72 Club, which aims to flip the infamous ’27 Club’ on its head. The 27 Club’ are young musicians whose lives were tragically cut short. “From that inspiration,” says DDB ceo Justin Mowday, “The 72 Club was created to inspire all Kiwis to go on to live to 72 and beyond.”

“The campaign came about when two DDB New Zealand creatives read a news story highlighting that Lifeline, New Zealand’s largest mental health helpline, had lost funding and was struggling to operate,” Mowday said.

“They had the idea to recreate a song made famous by a member of the 27 Club, Janis Joplin’s Piece of My Heart, with a group of music legends who have enjoyed a life well lived.”

“Supported by NZME, the track has received significant airplay across radio, and supported in print and online.”

The song is brought to life through a music video, produced by Sweetshop and directed by Dylan Pharazyn, that captures an older Kiwi woman as she celebrates a full and happy life surrounded by her friends and family.”

Supported by NZME, the track has received significant airplay across NZME radio stations, and supported in print and online.

All campaign touchpoints have been directing audiences to www.the72club.co.nz where donations can be made directly, or by buying merchandise, or purchasing a copy of the song.


Agency: DDB New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: James Conner
Creative Director: Christie Cooper
CEO: Justin Mowday
Lead Business Partner: Nikki McKelvie
Senior Business Director: Carly Pratt
Business Manager: Ravina Raju
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Senior Planner: Anna Gunnell
Senior Planner: Damien Eames

Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
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Editor: Mark Trethewey
Editor: Dan Cummings
Audio Engineer: Dan Partington

Digital Director: Liz Knox
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PR Agency: Mango Communications
Managing Director: Claudia Macdonald
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Account Executive: Isabelle Clarke

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