DDB Aotearoa expands edit and sound suite capabilities

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AUCKLAND, Today: DDB Aotearoa has appointed three new hires to bolster continued growth in its edit, sound and design suite.

The new talent in the Auckland-based team is Adam Page as senior editor, Miller Yule as audio engineer and Jost Claassen as editor – joining editor Dan Partington and motion designer Kasun Ilesinghe to amplify the agency’s capabilities in this space.

Previously a freelance editor in the United Kingdom, with work spanning the world, Adam Page specialised in tvcs, branded content, music videos and documentary, bringing to DDB Group global experience and a knack for storytelling.

He said: “I’ve always loved the work DDB produce on a global scale and have been a keen observer of DDB Aotearoa for some time, so it’s great to be collaborating with the super talented people here to deliver great work in 2023 and beyond.”

Jost Claasen spent the last three years working in a varied role as a video editor and visual effects generalist at Creature Post. His remit also spanned work in motion design, augmented reality, and projection.

Claasen said: “Coming from a smaller studio, I’ve been looking forward to working at a larger agency and collaborating with a bigger team.

“We’ll be getting stuck into servicing our vast bank of local clients, as well as global projects from the network and beyond.”

I’ve always been a fan of DDB’s work, especially when it comes to the motion and video side, so I feel that DDB is the perfect place for me to grow as a video editor and as a creative.”

Miller Yule has come to DDB with 10 years of experience as an audio engineer, composer and songwriter – with a debut album just released.

Having spent just under seven years at 99 (now Proximity) as the in-house audio engineer and composer, Miller has since been freelancing for the last two years on various projects – from advertisements, to composing musical scores for documentaries and film both locally and internationally.

Yule said: “Since freelancing the last couple of years, I’m looking forward to being part of a team again. I’ll be bringing my audio, sound effects, music, composing and bad jokes expertise to the table wherever I can!”

DDB operations MD Liz said: “The hires reflect DDB Group Aotearoa’s investment in the capabilities of the edit and sound suite.

“We’re thrilled to be growing our edit, motion and sound capability – a team made up of fantastic talent and a wealth of experience.

“Looking ahead, we’ll be collaborating on some great work and getting stuck into servicing our vast bank of local clients, as well as global projects from the network and beyond.”

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