DDB taps Breaking Bad star

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DDB revisited the original casting tapes of Bruce Lee and Seth Rogan for an extension to Sky TV’s Come With Us brand campaign. Now they’ve tapped Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

The series is called The Journey Starts Here, and the sullen Aaron Paul film – straight out of Breaking Bad – is a compelling addition.

“With a good clip, and an actor that people have a strong emotional connection to, this suddenly becomes a much better campaign,” wrote one viewer on the Campaign Brief site.

“Dude, the Seth one was choice (felt like much more than just a conventional casting tape) and the Bruce Lee one almost brought a tear to my eye,” another viewer responded. “Emotional content high in both cases. But if you can only relate to straight up drama to connect to, that’s cool.”




DDB Asia Pacific Regional Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Senior Business Director: James Blair
Head of TV Production: Judy Thompson
Editor: Mark Trethewey
Producer: Nikita Kearsley
Rights Management: Bedonna Smith / Julie Arie


SKY Television

Director of Marketing: Mike Watson
SKY’s Head of Brand: Maureen Talpin

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