DDB to meet CAANZ over NZ role in global awards cutbacks (updated)

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DDB NZ & Australia ceo Marty O’Halloran says his agency’s plans to cut back on expensive global awards show entries will also extend to some NZ awards events.

Speaking to M+AD this morning from his office in Sydney, O’Halloran stressed he would continue to back the NZ shows – but even in NZ he would like to examine the need for crossover categories, like Agency of the Year, which has multiple forms.

“Each Agency of the Year [including one from Campaign Asia] has different criteria, so the work involved in preparing entries is more than doubled-up,” he said.

He plans to meet CAANZ and the organisers of all the big shows in NZ to “start the conversation”.

“We’re 100% behind all the local shows,” he said. “The same goes for the really important offshore awards like Cannes, D&AD and The One Show.

“But our prime focus is a ruthless one to work for our clients and to help them build business success. Our aim is to free up our people to do more work for the client.”

O’Halloran stressed that he was speaking on behalf of DDB NZ.

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