DDB’s dollar-shaving film unit thrives

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Six months after launch, DDB says its dedicated, in-house content production unit, Maker, designed to create quick turnaround digital content for clients, is proving a big success and experiencing increasing demand.

DDB has formalised its approach to content production and established a dedicated facility to meet the work we’re being commissioned to do on a more frequent basis,” says DDB ceo Justin Mowday.

“Our clients want thoughtful, relevant and shareable content produced swiftly and more affordably but of a similar quality to TV production. DDB is a leader in creating content and the amount of client work that has gone through Maker, and in the pipeline, is testament to this.”

Since its inception, Maker has produced a strong body of work including content for We Compost Weekend, Westpac’s Giving Tree, McDonald’s Our Food Your Questions and real-time coverage of William Trubridge’s live-dive attempt thanks to Steinlager Pure.

TV producer Kate Moses was brought aboard to head up Maker and is thrilled with its success to date. “In a new connected, digital and social world we often want to create lower-cost content for a campaign for non-TV channels like a ‘making-of’ film, extra footage of people engaging with a campaign, a script that will live in the digital space or educational films for staff. In addition to this, client demand for content for social media and online continues to grow.

“Maker does exactly this – it makes the content that helps brands engage with their audiences almost immediately, often at a lower-cost than a traditional TV production process.”

Maker Showreel

We Compost Weekend: ” target=”_blank”>
Westpac Giving Tree: target=”_blank”>
McDonald’s ‘Our Food Your Questions: target=”_blank”>
William Trubridge Live Dive attempt:  target=”_blank”>

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