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AUCKLAND, Today: DDB and Warehouse Stationery have launched a new spot, Stationery Ranger, the first piece of work in an SME-focused campaign. 

DDB ECD Shane Bradnick said: “Marking the start of a new approach for Warehouse Stationery, the tvc brings to life the ‘business time’ feeling – the moments when stuff happens, great is created and magic is in the works.

“The 30” spot follows a common dilemma – there’s never any Blu Tack in the office. The call goes out from the printing room and the Stationery Ranger, riding a Blu Tack stallion, saves the day.

“A simple solution, touching on the sense of achievement and satisfaction felt when properly equipped with the right stationery.”

Bradnick says the Stationery Ranger is an imaginative piece of work and a change of pace for Warehouse Stationery. “By creating the ‘business time’ feeling, this work taps into the fire that drives small business owners, the ‘I’ve got this’ attitude that makes things happen.

“With an injection of humour and quirkiness, the spot is a change of style for Warehouse Stationery. We’re looking forward to seeing the growth that results as the campaign rolls out.”

“The integrated campaign will roll out in TV, print, digital, social media and radio.”

Warehouse Group CMO Jonathan Waecker says they’re looking forward to connecting with Kiwis SMEs through the new campaign.

“To us, ‘it’s business time’ means connecting with our small-business customers and providing them with everything they need to get things done, right down to the Blu Tack,” he said. “With modest budgets, it’s important that our creative is unique enough to break through, ensuring we deliver results for our business while entertaining our customers.

“Kiwi SMEs are relentless go-getters, they are looking for a sense of ingenuity, which is something we at Warehouse Stationery have in spades and I think comes across really well in the new ad.

“This is just the beginning of our new approach, and we can’t wait to see the elements continue to unfold and deliver.”

The integrated campaign will roll out in TV, print, digital, social media and radio.


Client: Warehouse Stationery
Chief Marketing Officer: Jonathan Waecker
GM Marketing: Nathalie Moolenschot
Marketing Manager: Emma Cleal
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Berglund
Producer: Rob Linkhorn

Agency: DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: Brad Collett
Senior Art Director: Julia Ferrier
Senior Copywriter: Veronica Copeland
Lead Business Partner: Nikki McKelvie
Senior Business Director: Carly Pratt
Business Manager: Ravina Raju
Business Coordinator: Georgina Foot
Head of Planning: Rupert Price
Planning Director: Thinza Mon

Production Company: Eight
Producer: Dan Higgins
Director: Steve Saussey
DOP: Andrew Stroud
Post Production Company: Eight
Post production online: Creature
Editor: Jonathan Venz
Soundtrack/composer/Music: Liquid Studios

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