TikTok comes closer

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MELBOURNE, Thursday: Aussie marketing consultants Lucio Ribeiro and Sergio Brodsky have teamed up to launch what they’re calling “Australia and New Zealand’s first TikTok-dedicated agency” – TikMyDay.

The agency claims it’s the region’s first full-service business dedicated to advising on and executing TikTok campaigns across different formats. 

The collaboration – which as yet has no NZ connection – comes amidst an explosion in popularity for the short-form mobile video sharing app.

The TikMyDay agency delivers strategy, media and creative execution with the ability to go live with a campaign in 48 hours, leveraging the cultural trends-based nature of the platform. 

“TikTok is not social media – but rather, another entertainment channel.”

“TikTok compares to nothing I’ve seen before,” says marketing lecturer and AI expert Lucio Ribeiro. “It’s uniquely accurate personalisation algorithm makes it not so much a content platform but an AI hub, predicting and serving relevant videos to viewers, which makes users want to engage with its content. They have the audience, the smarts, and the positivity.”

TikTok has seen a surge in users this year, and has consistently been the most downloaded app in the world in 2020. In Australia, the platform has over 6 million active users and according to the founders the curiosity and interest with the platform has grown exponentially in the last 3 months, coinciding with the Covid-19 lockdowns globally.

Former media agency strategist Sergio Brodsk said: “TikTok is a phenomenon, and any media strategist should be looking at it to understand trends before they emerge. It has become a cultural barometer and participatory destination unlike any other for brands and audiences.

“TikTok is not social media, but rather, another entertainment channel. Our work, therefore, is about translating a brand’s image and voice in a context that celebrates positivity and leverages the mindset for this audience. We are fast, smart, easy to work with and experienced. That’s our model.”

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